Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thursday Morning

The air is still...the bustle of Destin hasnt quite begun this early in the morning. The kitchen crew begins its preparations of the breakfast buffet: the smell of bacon, pancakes, coffee and cantaloupe linger throughout the open air atrium, slowly bringing its sleeping guests out of their hazy slumbers. The sun peaks over the horizon and a light Florida breeze begins to sift its way through the palm trees. The sound of the waves and seagulls....these are our mornings.

The breakfast buffet is slamming with hungry guests from all corners of the world, from all walks of life. An elderly couple sharing a newspaper over oatmeal and coffee...a table with two frazzled parents and a small army of under 10 year olds, all shoving their smiling faces full with an assortment of chocolate, blueberry and banana nut muffins. In a table to the center of the atrium, a young couple in workout clothing, smiling and laughing as they eat their bananas and custom made omelets. Mornings here...well, they're my favorite part of the day.

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